Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look at the Great Font

Hello World...

I wanted to show you all the wonderfull font I found in the new fall Lands' End catalog.

I think this is a fabulous font because of the flow of letters and also the tall letters are slightly exaggerated. Any know what this font might be? The search is on....

Back to Work....

It's been FOUND!!...YIPPEE.......I had posted on Two Peas In A Bucket forum a request for help in finding this font and wooooohoooooo it's been found. Cost a little bit because it's a commercial font, but it will be worth it. Here is the link if anyone want's to know. Font in Lands' End Fall Catalog and fyi this is the first link i've done...hummmmm wasn't so hard afterall!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!


  1. I love it! Lucida cursive has been my ms favorite forever. Very similar...

  2. Melodie, I know this is an old post but you were kind enough to comment on my blog so I followed your link and found you here - and I thought, if you haven't already discovered it, you can get this font free here:
    Hope this is of help!