Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer of Color Challenge

Hello World!

How are you all doing? Everyone enjoying their summer? For those of you who love the heat...lucky you, and for those of us who don' hoo!

The Summer of Color Challenge has sure been fun for me and I am slowly working my way through the stack of old photos that I have from my mom and dad.   This week the color is brown..... which I truely love along with all the fall colors, but I chose not to go that to stick to the task of getting a family album done for my siblings and children. So this LO is kind a drab....but done that way intentionaly. It was a drab situation for these mom and her siblings...

First the kids had lost their mother when the youngest child was only a few weeks old. The family was quickly divided up to relatives because their father was a rancher and couldn't care for the kids. Mom was at the boarding place across the street from the school when she was 4 years old. She remembers being so afraid.......

Then were sent off to Ursuline Academy in Great Falls, Montana as live-in-boarders for three years, possibly returning to the ranch in the summer, but mom is not sure.

My mother is still alive and lives with me......the only one left in her family.......she is 93 1/2 years old...and still misses her mom..............


  1. This is a such sad story Melodie, so glad she has you to look after her.
    Its a wonderful and beautiful piece. xx

  2. What a sad story, they've got such worried little faces in that photo.

    This is perfect for brown.

  3. what a beautiful yet sad story,, she's lucky to have you for sure,

  4. God bless your Mom...What a beautiful piece you've created. Your passion for family shows in your work.

    xo Joanna

  5. oh gosh, thats so sad...but you are lucky you still have your mama and you have done a wonderful job creating this

  6. Hi Melodie! that's such a sad story..but you are so lucky to still have your mom :) your piece is beautiful!

  7. 93!! What a wonderful gift to have each other. Your page and post are beautiful - reminds me a bit of my grandmother who lived in an orphanage as a girl after having lost both her parents. The colors and the photos are perfect and will keep their story alive. Thank you for sharing this with us ;) xo

  8. Enjoyed visiting with you on your blog.Are you new to blogging or is this just a new blog for you?Please drop by and have a visit with me any time.A sister in Christ-Denise

  9. A lovely page. What a sad thing for a child tho. My Mom is the same age as yours. She was with her family but had a "hard times" childhood as well. I love hearing stories although they must not have been fun to live through.