Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Jane

Hello World!!

Over the three day weekend I was able to have some creative play time...yippee!!....I worked on my "Dear Jane" book.......dedicating it to "all Jane Austen" stuff. It was soooo much fun creating pages that will soon have text and images on it. Do you want to see a few pages????....ok...

I created the has two signatures of 7 sheets of paper...creating 14 pages....per signature. (maybe that was too many pages...hummm).The book is a compulation of Donna Downey, Mary Ann Moss's " Remains of the Day" class, and Bluebird Paperie blog techniques. I am learning what I like and to just let it is was it is....and I am VERY happy with the outcome.  Now on to the next phase....yummmmmmmmmmm


  1. I am loving Jane Austin and the book you have created I will be watching ;0) Love Dawn xx

  2. These are just beautiful! Kristin xo