Monday, August 8, 2011

Show and Tell for the AWESOME Summer of Color Challenge

Thanks, thanks, Kristen for running this challenge. It was so motivating to work in the different colors and then put the layouts on the web each week ......waiting to see if people liked it....and as this was the first challenge I had done...showing people besides my family my work...I was VERY happy to see that people liked my layouts...meaning to me...keep it up...don't give up...I'm finally getting somewhere with Digital Scrapping!

                                                                     Week #1...BLUE

Week #2...GREEN

                                                              Week #3...Yellow

                                                                    Week #3...Pink

                                                               Week #4....Brown

                                                                     Week #5....Red

                                                                   Week #6....Purple

Week #8....Orange

And to everyone who participated....I enjoyed looking at your pics..... found some new blogs to follow....and was truely inspired by all. It's amazing what talent there is in this world!!!! 


  1. It is wonderful to see all of your beautiful creations in one place! AND I too am happy that you shared them all with us - thank you for taking the time to do so. It was a wonderful Summer and I am so happy that you played along. Thank you & Keep in touch, xo

  2. Your sunflower one is my very fave. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I have loved seeing all your beautiful LO's it was a great time to share and to meet to many wonderful people. See you at the next one. x

  4. Hello Melodie, sorry I missed coming to your blog, I tried to catch someone new each week but the weeks rolled around pretty quick.
    Love your collection, that one of your mother is beautiful and your hometown.
    Great L0's.
    Blessings, Lesley

  5. These are gorgeous! I journaler, but I don't know how to do digital journaling! I'd love to learn how. You really took it to the next level with your photos and very personal touches. Wow! I just love your whole collection! Happy rest of summer to you! Kathy. PS. Thank you so much for visiting, and for your kind comment!

  6. i have adored the wonderful richness of your family history and the lovely photos you have, you have done am,azing work with your photos,,,its been a

  7. Your Summer of Colour collection looks amazing together :)
    What a fun challenge it has been!
    Jan x

  8. Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment! What a beautiful collection of your family history. You've done an awesome job of didi scrapping on these pieces! Hugs, Terri